Guidance and FAQ's


Can I submit a complaint straight to the ADR Group rather than going to the trader?

No. The ADR Group will only accept disputes when the consumer has exhausted the traders own complaints procedure.


How do I register a complaint/dispute?

Complete the application form and upload a copy to the ADR Group website together with any supporting documentation. Alternatively, you can e-mail or post a copy to the ADR Group at the addresses below.


Please note that ADR Group only accept applications against traders that are registered with the ADR Group.


How long will the ADR process take?

ADR Group will conclude your dispute within 90 days of receiving your application form.


Is the outcome binding or non-binding?

The outcome of an Arbitration is binding on the parties.  Mediation is non-binding until the point of an agreement being reached.  Once reached and an agreement signed, the outcome is binding.  


How much does it cost to submit a complaint?

The ADR process is free to consumers.  The full fee is payable by the trader.  


Is the ADR procedure oral or written?

ADR Group has numerous forms of ADR procedure, some are written and some are oral. If you have a preference please indicate your preference in the notes section of the application form.


Do I need to have a Solicitor?

No, you do not need to instruct a solicitor nor do you need solicitors representation during the ADR process. However, you are free to seek the advice and/or representation of a solicitor if you wish to.


Can I withdraw from the process at any stage?

The consumer can withdraw from the ADR process at any stage, the trader however cannot.


How do I know that the process is fair and unbiased?

All ADR Group officials are independent professionals, contracted to the ADR Group to undertake dispute resolution services. ADR Group will not appoint an official who has previously been employed or remunerated by the trader. In addition, ADR officials’ remuneration is not outcome based.


Do I have to live in the UK to register a complaint?

No, you can register a complaint regardless of whether you live in the UK or not.


Do I have to correspond by e-mail?

No, if you would rather communicate by telephone or in writing by post then this is also fine.


Do you accept disputes with a claim value over £10,000.00?

No, we do not accept claims valued at over £10,000.00 under this scheme.  Please see our website for alternative options. 



I have a gambling dispute but i'm not sure if you will accept it?

ADR Group accepts disputes between traders and consumers concerning contractual obligations in sales and services contracts, both on and offline.  These can include 1) terms of a bonus offer, 2) the consumers ability to manage his/her account, and 3) the consumers ability to access his/her deposited funds and/or winnings. 


What are the rules of the ADR process?

All of the rules are available to view here. Alternatively, upon request, copies of the ADR Rules can be sent to you by either e-mail or post.


What if the ADR official appointed becomes aware of a conflict of interest?

If an ADR official becomes aware of a conflict of interest, or anything that may affect his/her independence and/or impartiality, either before or during the process, he/she would remove him/her self from the process and a new ADR official will be appointed. If the ADR Group is unable to provide an official who is not conflicted, the dispute will be referred to another ADR entity.


If, in the unlikely event, the dispute cannot be transferred to another ADR Official, nor another ADR entity, ADR Group will 1) inform the parties of the circumstances surrounding the conflict of interest, 2) Inform the parties that they have a right to object to the conflicting person continuing to handle the dispute, and 3) Inform that parties that it can only deal with the dispute if no party to the dispute objects.  


Once the process has started, can I withdraw? 

The consumer may withdraw from the process at any time.  The trader can withdraw from the process at any time unless obliged, under any enactment, contract terms, or under the rules of a trade associaton to which it belongs to participate in the ADR procedure.  


Can you refuse to deal with a dispute and if so, on what grounds?

ADR Group may refuse to deal with a dispute when (a) prior to submitting the complaint to ADR Group the Consumer has not attempted to contact the Trader concerned in order to discuss the complaint and sought as a first step to resolve the matter directly with the Trader, (b) the dispute is frivolous or vexatious in ADR Group’s sole opinion, (c) the dispute is being or has been previously, considered by another ADR entity or by a court, (d) the Consumer has not submitted the complaint to ADR Group within 12 months from the date on which the Trader has given notice to the Consumer that the Trader is unable to resolve the complaint with the Consumer, or (e) dealing with such a type of dispute would seriously impair the effective operation of ADR Group in ADR Group’s sole opinion.


Do I need to be able to speak or read English to submit a dispute?

No, ADR Group will accept a dispute and is able to conduct dispute resolution in the following languages: English, French, and German



In line with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and the Gambling Commissions requirements, ADR Group will publish its annual activity report online.


ADR Group is an authorised ADR entity for the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and the Gambling Commission.  ADR Group is approved to conduct both Arbitration and Mediation.

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To submit a complaint, please download and complete an application form here and upload it together with any supporting documentation.

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